B. V. Araktcheyev Art Gallery

The Art Gallery named after B. V. Arakcheev was opened in the city of Krupki on May 6, 2005. The famous Belarusian painter Boris Vladimirovich Arakcheyev attended the opening of the gallery. He presented his famous paintings as a gift to the gallery: "Attack of the Grodno Hussars. 1812", "Venus and lilac", "The bewitching power of flowering", "Belarusian expanses". In 2015, the art gallery was named after the Honored Art Worker of Belarus Boris Arakcheyev. Today, the galleries are faced with the task of acquainting visitors with works of art by local artists and famous Belarusian masters of the brush. The gallery actively hosts events, creative meetings, presentations, exhibition openings, master classes, etc. The art and educational program "Visiting Malyavanka" works for children. In the summer of 2020, the ART-Krupki summer playground was opened at the Art Gallery.